The Classic. Our acclaimed Heathlands Links course is widely considered to be one of Ontario's finest. Once the carefully guarded secret of local aficionados, it remains a favourite of those seeking a traditional golf experience and a stiff challenge.

"... one of the finest links
courses in Ontario ... golfing
in the Scottish tradition."

Greater Toronto Golfer's Guide

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Front Nine

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One - Howe O'Hope

A terrific par 5 to start your Scottish journey. Only the longest will hit this in two. The raised green does not accept average shots.

Heathlands #1

Two - Wee Bogle

A tough par 3 with a prevailing cross wind. Tee shots must miss the greenside bunker if a par is in your future.

Three - Sair Fecht

A good par 4 with a demanding approach to an undulated green. Right hand hole positions are particularly difficult to hit and putt to.

Four - Heich O'Fash

This short par 5 has an optical illusion of bunker placement in the layup area, which has an upper fairway. Only layup in the upper fairway when the flag is yellow and right. All other hole positions are better accessed from the lower fairway.

Heathlands #4

Heathlands #5

Five - Blink Bonnie

A left to right tee shot is in order here. You must pass the amoeba bunker for a view of the putting surface for your approach. The green slopes from left to right, so aim accordingly.

Six - Laird Scott

A good par 3 into a prevailing wind and the most undulated green on the course awaits. Front left holes are near impossible to hit to. Three putts are not uncommon.

Heathlands #6

Seven - Blaw Wearie

The seventh hole is a brute of a par 4. An overly aggressive tee shot will find the fescue right. A short left approach will always miss the green into the collection area.


Eight - Hame Noo

A par 4 with a great risk/reward aspect. A tee shot down the right side opens up this tricky green. A tee shot too far left will be sent to the low fairway, possibly rough, and sometimes fescue. Approaches do not find or hold the green from here.


Nine - Canny Slap

Your best opportunity for a birdie or better is this par 5. Carry the cross bunkers off the tee and your ball will be sent towards the green. Avoid the greenside bunkers and you may putt for eagle or birdie.

Heathlands #9


Back Nine

Ten - Kittle Kink

The task at hand is easy to see as you stand on this par 4 tee. The approach is more uphill than it appears and the green slopes from the road as do all heathland greens.

Eleven - Claugh

A difficult par 4 with bunkers, two creek crossings, and a well-guarded, angled green. Your tee shot should be kept right of the 150 as it opens up your approach.

Heathlands #11

Twelve - Canty Lye

A great, short par 3. Your approach to the elevated putting surface must be accurate in its carry yardage if it is to stay on. Deep pot bunkers and collection areas await the questionable approach.

Heathlands #13

Thirteen - Mak Siccar

A difficult par 3 normally played into a wind with a stone wall, fescue, and strategically placed sand traps. Take par and run.

Fourteen - Witch's Blaw

A long par 4 to an elevated green. No bunkers to worry about, but a corner maple tree, fescue, and distance must be navigated. Back right hole positions are particularly challenging.

Fifteen - Needle E's

A terrific dogleg right. Cross bunkers dissect the fairway, but there is plenty of room behind them. The green is quite challenging, especially back left and front right.


Heathlands #16

Sixteen - Tickley Tap

A short par 3 protected by water front and left, and bunkers right. Par is a good score as many will bogey or worse.


Seventeen - Killie Crankie

A monster of a par 5. A lateral water hazard runs down the right side of the fairway and a pond short and right protects an elevated green. Par is always a good score.


Eighteen - Lochan

A par 3 over water finishes your round. Front right is the hole-in-one pin, easy to hit, but not to putt to. Check your score. If you played to your handicap, you are the exception, not the norm.

Heathlands #18