Our wasteland course opened in 2001 and quickly became a favourite of Osprey regulars and newcomers. Featuring plenty of water and tee-to-green waste bunkers, it offers a stiff challenge and a singular golfing experience.

"Where the Hoot rates really high with me is its fun factor ... one of those courses where there is no singular best hole. Each frame seems to complement the next with challenging holes often followed by letups and vice-versa. That’s a great trait for a golf course to have .... In fact, it’s my favourite public course to play in Ontario."  Jason Logan, ScoreGolf

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Front Nine


A fairly easy start to a wicked ride.

A well struck drive down the right side may offer you the green in two. If that is what you choose, your line should be the right side as water lurks left. A small, but manageable, green awaits.


You will get the real wasteland feel on this shortish par 4 as you maneuver your golf cart into a waste area to access the green. The putting surface is raised and slightly undulated with a dangerous back left area that will not accept shots.




Any tee shot hit into the wall of pines right will be easy to find, but hard to extract. The back right of the green falls into a collection area so proper club selection on your approach is a must.



The tee shot on this downhill par 3 should be aimed at the left centre of the green as anything missing right is dead. Subtract one club for the elevation and look at the flag on #3 for true wind direction.


Hoot #4



Welcome to the longest par 4 on the course. Do not take on the corner unless you have a favourable wind. Your approach is slightly downhill, so adjust your club selection accordingly. All right side pins are suckers, so put at them, don't hit at them.



Hoot #6



A reachable par 5 if an aggressive line is taken off the tee. Approaches must be hit solidly as water lurks short and right.

Once on the green, putting is fairly straight forward.

Hoot #7


Home of the tree of controversy, should it stay or should it go, you decide. Your tee shot should miss "the tree" on the left side and should be struck solidly enough to allow second shot access to this sloping green. A par is usually a skin.


Don't be short on this target style demanding par 3. As on #4, check for wind direction using the #3 flag. A bailout collection area left of the green is a safe aiming point.



Keep it between the trees on this mid-length par 4 with a beautiful backdrop. A tricky green awaits well struck approach shots. Any flag short of centre will test your putting prowess.


Back Nine

Hoot #10


Another great par 3 starts the back nine. Shots finding the smallish green will still need to navigate some slippery turns.


The tee shot on this reachable par 5 can be hit further right than it appears. Approach shots can either fly or run into the narrow green with a centre slope up to a back right tier for a reasonable look at a birdie.


A true risk/reward par 4. The more water you take on off the tee, the shorter your approach to the deceiving, small target. The back view is particularly beautiful, so take a deep breath.

Hoot #13


Tee it high and let it fly on this reachable, but dangerous par 5. Those who choose to lay up should do so as far as possible to lengthen the green and take the water out of play.



A well-struck tee shot offers easy access to the slightly undulating green. Right hand hole locations are the most difficult due to subtleties in the putting surface.


Lunar best describes this par 3. Tee shots will either find the green or the sand as there is not much else. Back left flags are suckers so aim to centre and putt to the sides

Hoot #15


Hoot #16


Between the water and the sand is the only spot for your tee shot. After successful negotiation, you are left with a long shot into a small green surrounded by trouble. Par is always a good score here.




Decisions, decisions. Left or right. Take the less demanding left hand route and a more difficult approach waits. Risk the 235 yard carry and a straight forward wedge is your reward. While on the green, focus on the putt at hand and not the waterfall.

Hoot #17


A drive placed left of the far waste bunker will reward you with a mid-iron approach to this dangerous green. Severe sloping into the middle right makes for some interesting putting.