Osprey Valley Golf 2017 Masters Pool

April 6th-9th

Augusta National Golf Club
Augusta, Georgia


Congratulations to Dave Dolliver, our 2017 Masters Pool champion! We had our largest field yet with exactly 400 people entering the pool and Dave's foursome of Sergio Garcia, Jordan Speith, Hideki Matsuyama and Justin Rose walked away with a three stroke victory over runner up Michelle Draper (Rory McIlroy, Paul Casey, Jordan Speith, Justin Rose).

You can find our top 20 (plus ties) below and don't forget, our U.S. Open Pool will begin accepting entries on June 1st!

2017 Masters Pool Champion - Dave Dolliver

Second Place - Michelle Draper  +3

3 James Sutman  +5
T4 Mark Bottineau  +6
T4 Billy Blackmore  +6
T4 Ranen Oomen-Danckert  +6
T4 Nelson Torrao  +6
T4 Ken McLeod  +6
9 Angelo Piacentino  +7
10 Stefan Superina  +8
T11 Chris Bird  +9
T11 Dylan Davidson  +9
T11 Daniel Wells  +9

T11 Robert Good  +9
T11 Branko Dundjerovic  +9
T11 Peter Maxwell  +9
T17 Graham McLeod  +10
T17 Franklin Young  +10
19  Yvonne Li  +11
T20 Christopher Hollow  +13
T20 John Golding  +13
T20 Jessica McBride  +13
T20 Anthony Sangster  +13
T20 Jonathan Base-Bursey  +13

2016 Winners - Luke Gray and Bobby Kyriazis
2015 Winner - Tony Manolakis