Golf For Golfers

If you play here, you already understand.

We didn't choose our slogan, but we do embrace it. Osprey Valley is Golf for Golfers. It is what golfers have said about Osprey from the beginning and it remains true today. As Robert Thompson of wrote, "Osprey Valley is one of those pure golf facilities that players embrace." Rick Drennan recently wrote, "Osprey Valley’s stunning triumvirate of courses is what sets it apart from other golf stops in Ontario’s heartland."

We hear that and work to live up to it. It informs the choices that we make every day. It is why Osprey is and will remain public. There is nothing wrong with private clubs and there are many great ones in southern Ontario. But we're proud of our three dynamic and distinctive courses and we want to share them with as many people as possible who love the game - those who can most appreciate them.

We are often asked by our regulars about memberships. We are occasionally told that we "should" be private, though not by our players. Our customers aren't looking to pay a premium for exclusivity. With 54 holes, we can usually find a tee time for you, even when the parking lot is full.

So why the recommendation? When we ask, the answer tends to be that we should be private because we could be private. Our courses compare well to the best private courses in both quality and condition. That is our goal, to provide a high quality golf experience - pure and without pretense - at a competitive price to golfers who appreciate the game in its own right.

Sure, we don't offer valet parking. And maybe Hoot and Toot are whimsical names for golf courses. But when the sun starts to go down behind the pines on Toot, you're standing on the Heathlands #13 tee, or planning your approach on Hoot #17, or wherever your favourite spots are, you're where you want to be.

As golfer Bo Pryszlak said:
"For me, Osprey Valley is beyond words. It is almost mystical in its beauty, honest, has no ‘stupid’ holes and is affordable. If I was sentenced to play a course for the rest of my life and it was Osprey Valley, I'd never get bored of it. Magnificent!"

Golf for Golfers. That's what Osprey Valley Golf is.