Osprey Valley Golf - April 2016 Newsletter
Osprey Valley Golf - April 2016 Newsletter
Osprey Valley Golf Newsletter
April At Osprey Valley Golf
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we anticipate hitting the links soon in Osprey Valley! Last month we were convinced it was to be an early season, but Old Man Winter was determined to have a last kick at the can. The recent ice storms have pushed our opening later in the month than expected. To say we are excited to begin the 2016 golf season is an understatement. 

As each day passes, the days grow longer and warmer and we are one step closer to being able to watch our golfers head out to the tees. Our Early Spring Rates are already available on our website. Please keep watching ospreyvalleygolf.com, Twitter and Facebook for updates as we move toward Opening Day! 
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A Day in the Life of Osprey Valley Golf's Head Mechanic Jason Sharples
A Word From Agronomy
A Day in the Life of Osprey Valley Golf’s
Head Mechanic, Jason Sharples
Jason Sharples’ alarm goes off at 4:00 a.m. five days a week. And that’s only over the winter. Once our 2016 golf season begins, the alarm will go off at three, six days a week. Given Mother Nature’s recent wintry blast up here in Caledon, Osprey Valley’s Head Mechanic may just have a few more days left in which to catch that extra hour’s sleep. 

2016 will mark Jason’s 11th year here at Osprey Valley Golf and we are grateful to have him. “Jason has passion, enthusiasm, and great attitude. He’s always in good spirits and a magician with the machines,” says Dave Hunter, the Superintendent of Hoot and Toot. Upon talking to Jason, that passion for his work becomes immediately apparent. “Probably the toughest part of the job is when a machine doesn’t want to cooperate,” he says with a wry smile. “It comes in broken and you work on it, and it appears to be fixed and it goes back out, and it comes back in broken. There are always one or two machines a year that decide they don’t want to leave the shop. See, machines have personalities too, and sometimes they just don’t want to work one year.”

Jason came to Osprey Valley in September of 2005 with a background in Private Investigation and Canine security. “At the time, I had been travelling all over Canada, doing labor dispute security,” he says. “I had absolutely no social life. Then I met my wife-to-be, and right then I decided I really needed to stick around. I had a little knowledge about small engines, and I applied to Osprey Valley Golf and one other place. Osprey called ½ hour earlier than the other place.” Here in Osprey Valley, we know how lucky we are that we made the earlier phone call. And we really should thank Jason’s wife, Tanya, for helping him decide to stick around. It’s not just every man who can begin a job with a “little knowledge of small engines” and become the Head Mechanic for a three course facility like Osprey Valley Golf in ten years.

Over the long winter, while our golfers are busy skiing, snowmobiling, or taking golf trips to balmier climes, Jason and our Agronomy team continue to work. No longer mowing grasses and fixing sprinkler systems, the “off season” is the time when all the equipment that keep our courses in tip top shape is repaired and made ready for the spring.

“This time of year I’m generally at work by 5:15 or 5:30,” Jason says. “I try to arrive about an hour before the rest of the staff starts. In season, they come in at 5:30, so I come in at 4:30.” He and our other invaluable mechanic, Ron Robinson meet and have their coffee and talk, setting their game plan for the day. Then they get down to work.
Jason Sharples 5:30am“Over the winter the mechanical work isn’t just me and Ron,” says Jason. “It’s all hands on deck. The superintendents and the assistants all come in and work with us. When we’re all working together it allows me to spend some time on the orders & choreographing what needs to be done.” 

And what needs to be done is quite a lot. As you might imagine, our three, 18-hole championship courses in Osprey Valley require a lot of equipment to keep in the outstanding condition our golfers have come to expect. One of the biggest single tasks involves the repair, cleaning, drying and sharpening of the 120 reels used on nearly 30 different mowers. “Usually we try to get the reels done before Christmas,” Jason says, “so we can spend the next few months on the rest of the equipment.”
Reels ready to be If those 120 reels sound like a lot to repair and maintain, just wait, there’s more. There are the mowers themselves, the Sidewinder rotary mowers, used to cut the 2-inch rough on either side of fairways, and the larger, 5 deck rotary Groundsmasters used to cut the wider areas of the rough on Hoot and Toot. Then there are the 9 Workman heavy utility vehicles, used to haul grass piles, dirt, fertilizer, the 6 tractors (including their large “bush hog” attachments that cut Heathlands’ fescue grasses every fall). There are also are nearly 40 of what Jason calls the “people movers,” two-seater vehicles used to transport the agronomy staff around the grounds. There are the 4 beverage carts, the 10 trimmers, the 6 backpack blowers….the list goes on. And on. And on.

Still, Jason doesn’t mind the work. “You know, you have those jobs where you wake up and you say, ‘Ugh. Another day?’ With this one, well, I may say, ‘Whoa, it’s early,’ but I never mind coming to work. I’m up before the kids, but I’m home  in time to pick them up from school and I’m with them until bed time. Of course, in the summer time I’m actually in bed before they are, but it’s not until the evening’s well on…” 

Another fun part of the job is that by all accounts, the Osprey Valley Agronomy department is like a family. Jason agrees. “We all hang out together, even after work we have get togethers,” he says. “It’s a great atmosphere in the shop. This time of year we work until about two and have a late lunch lunch together. We’re there 5 days a week over the winter, but it’s a little more relaxed, with some breaks for snow days. Just a week ago we had a bad ice storm and the power was out for two days, so the mechanics had some time off. Unfortunately, the superintendents and the assistants had to spend a lot of time cleaning up the damage.” 
The Dynamic Duo hard at workWhen asked what his favorite thing about his job, Jason says it’s the changing seasons and the changing work. “It’s never the same thing. Day in and day out there’s always something different, something new. And there are seasonal changes too. Just when you’re getting bored of summer and cutting grasses, fall arrives and it’s time to fix the machines. When the machines are all set it’s open season again. It’s always something different.”

Now, in April, as winter in Caledon makes what we all hope will be its last stand, it is, in some ways, the lull before the storm for our Head Mechanic. “All of the major work on the equipment is done by now. Now is the time of year where I don’t feel guilty about taking the kids down to Myrtle Beach for March Break. Now, we hurry up and wait.”

We hope you won’t be waiting too long, Jason! 
Jason Sharples
Celebrating Our Community:
The Belfountain Inn
A few minutes drive from Osprey Valley, in the lovely hamlet of Belfountain, an unassuming cottage nestles between the trees along the Credit River. This is the Belfountain Inn. For the past five years the inn has been owned by Thorntin and Sonia Macdonald, and their head chef is 23-year-old up and comer, Nic Reynolds.

Nic’s passion for food was inspired by a father who loved to cook. He began working in kitchens at 17, and under the tutelage of Chef Thorntin, Nic progressed from dishwasher, to working side by side with his mentor, with a stop along the way for an apprenticeship at Humber College. He has been the head chef at the Belfountain Inn for the past two years, and tells us he still always looks to Chef Thorntin for inspiration and advice. 

Renowned for their inspired rustic-chic New Canadian cuisine, the Belfountain Inn is a great place to stop in for a meal before or after a round. Chef Nic has graciously agreed to share one of his recipes with us this month. Look for his Kale & Grapefruit Salad below, as well as a link to the Belfountain Inn website.
2016 Fun and Games
Each season, OVG offers great contests and promotions for our golfers to participate in, and what better time to share them with you than right before Opening Day? Some are new, some are back by popular demand, take a look below at what’s coming in 2016. There’s something for everyone here in Osprey Valley. We hope you’ll join in the fun and maybe pick up a prize along the way!
Seasonal Photo Contest
Set in the lush beauty of the Credit River Valley, Heathlands, Hoot and Toot, offer ever-changing backdrops for the visually creative, and are ideal for photographers. We love to share in your Osprey Valley experience and to get a peek at how you see us. So, give it a shot and snap away! Take some photos while you are on and around the courses and the clubhouse, and submit them to our Photo Contest, which returns this year as a trio: Spring, Summer and Fall.

Each season will feature a new category or theme. The whimsical categories are always open to your interpretation. Be creative! Show us something we haven’t seen before, and tell us a little something about yourself in the process.

Our Spring Photo Contest will begin on Opening Day and run through June 26th. Your Category is “Golfing Buddies.”

For more information, rules, and to watch for Opening Day, please see our website.
Photo Contest Info
Majors Pools
Also back by popular demand (and already begun for 2016) are our Osprey Valley Golf Majors Pools! We don’t have a green jacket to give you, but the winner of each pool will receive a “Play All Day” pass for two! Second and third prize winners receive a free upgrade to “Play All Day” with the purchase of a regular green fee. 

Here’s how it works …
For each of the four major golf tournaments - the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship - you select a roster of four golfers to make up your team. If your foursome finishes with the lowest total score, you win! In the event of a tie or ties, the winner will be whoever comes closest to guessing the score of the golfer who won the tournament.

Last but not least, this year we are adding something new - a Grand Prize for a player who has entered all four pools. After the final Major, the PGA Championship, the entrant with the lowest aggregate score for all four pools will be our Player of the Year and will receive a special Grand Prize! Keep watching for details on the prize, which will be announced later in the season.

For more information, rules, and dates, please see our website.
Majors Pools Info
Hole in One Club
Have you ever wondered how many players have achieved a hole in one at Osprey Valley Golf? Or whether anyone has done it twice? Or which hole has given away the most aces? Or the least? We have.
When two players aced Hoot #15 a month apart last season, it got us talking. Out of those discussions came the Hole in One Club - a listing on our website of every hole in one that we know of at Osprey.
So, when you finally achieve that elusive feat at Osprey, be sure to let us know and we will add you to the club. We would also love to hear and be able to share your hole-in-one stories, including the close calls and near misses. Send them to us at holeinone@ospreyvalley.com.
Hole in One Club
Kale & Grapefruit Salad
With Lemon Shallot Vinaigrette
Courtesy of Chef Nic Reynolds at the Belfountain Inn
This salad offers a hint of spring with the delicate flavour of the pea shoots, the freshness of summer with the grapefruit, yet is based around baby kale, a more delicate and subtle version of hearty greens. Invigorating on the palate, this salad is perfect for the season and made to enjoy!


   For the salad
1 package (around 150 grams) baby kale 
1 package of snow pea shoots 
1 grapefruit,  peeled and segmented 
½ cup quinoa 

   For the vinaigrette
2 small shallots
1 tsp grainy mustard
1 pinch salt
1 pinch chili flakes 
1 pinch oregano 
The juice of 2 lemons 
1 cup of extra virgin olive oil


Bring 1/2 cup of quinoa to a boil with 1 1\2 cups of water, and a pinch of salt. When the quinoa is tender and has absorbed the water, put it in the refrigerator to chill.

While the quinoa chills, combine the shallots, mustard, salt, chili flakes and oregano in a food processor. Pulse until the mixture becomes a fine paste. Add the lemon juice and pulse again to combine. Add 1 cup of olive oil and pulse again before pouring it into something you can use to dress the salad. The dressing may separate slightly, just stir to recombine. 

Combine baby kale, pea shoots and grapefruit, and toss with a couple tablespoons of vinaigrette. Place the salad in individual bowls and scatter the chilled quinoa on top.

Bon appetit! 
A Word From the Pro
Spring Pro-spective

by Bob McClure, C.P.G.A. Class "A" Professional
The birds are chirping, the Masters is on TV and the grass is starting to green up a little. All signals that the 2016 season is nearly upon us. You might be ready to play but is your equipment? I’m going to take you through my spring ritual to prepare for the season.

Number One: Spring Cleaning

Assemble the following items: your golf clubs, a bucket of warm soapy water, an old toothbrush, and an abrasive pad.

We are going to clean the face/grooves of the golf club as well as the grip.

The grip end should be cleaned first. Submerge the grip in the soapy water, remove and scrub with an abrasive pad. We are removing foreign matter (oil from your skin, sunscreen etc). The grip should feel tacky when completed. If it is not tacky it is probably time for a re grip. This service is available here at Osprey Valley Golf. Please call for selection and pricing.
Spring CleaningSubmerge the face/grooves of the club in the bucket of water. If the bucket is large enough and will support the entire set it is best to put all of them in to soak. Remove the clubs and clean the face and grooves with an old toothbrush. When done, dry and inspect. If the grooves are still clogged a small nail or similar tool may be needed to free the debris.
Club Cleaning
If you don’t like what you see when the cleaning is done maybe it is time for new equipment. On Thursday, May 26th, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm, we are hosting a demo / fitting day with Titleist to show their new equipment to our customers. Please call to join us in a casual, stress free setting.

Next, it is time to check the contents of your golf bag. Garbage, wrappers, receipts should be disposed of as should old gloves, cracked and discoloured golf balls. Turn the bag upside down and shake out the contents of the inside. You might be surprised what you find.

Number Two: Does the Golf Ball Make A Difference?
That is a question golfers ask me frequently. Answer – ABSOLUTELY!

The game is spin control and distance control. Distance balls tend to spin less and go farther. Control balls tend to spin more and travel slightly shorter. The trick is to determine which ball best suits your game and then stick to it. If you play with the same ball and model you can expect the same shot results and ground control.

Osprey Valley Golf has you covered here, too. In conjunction with Titleist we are offering a “Locker Load” special on the Pro V1 or Pro V1x balls. Buy 3 dozen and get the 4th free and get them personalized with your or your team’s initials, nickname or favorite number.
Titleist Pro V1For further information on any of the goods and services listed, or to place an order please contact Robert at rmcclure@ospreyvalley.com or (519) 927 0585.

See you soon.

Frangelico on the Rocks With Lime
Simple and pure, nutty and bright, relax and savour this perfect spring spirit with someone special on a clear, starry night.
Frangelico on the Rocks With Lime*The recipes we publish in our newsletter, while delicious, are not the same as those served in the Osprey Bistro.


2 oz Frangelico
1 lime


Fill a rocks glass with ice.
Squeeze two juicy wedges of lime over the ice.
Pour the Frangelico over the ice and lime juice and stir.

Happy Spring!
Spring in Osprey Valley
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