Osprey Valley Golf September Newsletter
Osprey Valley Golf September Newsletter
Osprey Valley Golf Newsletter
Fall at Osprey Valley Golf
A Word From The Executive Committee
As summer wanes and the days grow shorter, as the leaves begin to change from green to gold and fall begins, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has made this season such a happy one for us so far. We’ve been privileged to host some incredible events and tournaments, the “Kids Golf Free” program continues to be a marvelous success, and we’ve enjoyed the company of old friends while making some great new friends in the golfing community, both near and far.

It was our particular privilege and pleasure last Wednesday to host the twelfth annual Caledon Council Community Golf Tournament here in Osprey Valley. Their principal recipient this year was Caledon's Meals on Wheels, a volunteer-driven non-profit agency that provides both meal services and health and wellness programs to residents of Caledon.

We also wanted to thank all of you for your feedback and your suggestions thus far this season, and to ask you to keep them coming. When it comes to comments, both the bouquets and the bricks help us in our endeavour to constantly improve your golf experience. On our website’s Contact Page we have a feedback form where you can share your thoughts with us. What are we getting right? Do you have a suggestion that could make us even better? Perhaps you just had a fabulous time! Please let us know.

Autumn is always a truly beautiful time here in Osprey Valley and we look forward to sharing it with you. See you on the course!


Jerry and Roman Humeniuk
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The Beauty of Fall Golf
by Bob McClure, Director of Golf
Let’s be clear right away. I like shovelling snow. In moderate amounts, it’s true, but I like it. And no, I don’t go south and play golf all winter I prefer to go north and enjoy winter activities when the courses are closed.

Another thing. I LOVE fall golf and all that it is. Walking and carrying without sweating. Seeing my breath in the air. Turf that is firm.  Mist rising from the ponds. Conditions that are nearing the end of their growing season but perfect. A quick search in the fallen leaves for a ball. And, of course, a celebratory Scotch at the end of 18, or at the end of 9 or at the end of 1. ;)

Fall golf was actually a lot tougher back in my early golf career. The hardest part was that you had to choose between warmth and mobility. To play with both was just not an option. Warmth was achieved by layering - and layering - and with each layer the swing got shorter - and shorter - until it barely reached your hip. Mobility, on the other hand, was achieved by dressing like it was mid-July. You could swing freely, but froze as a result. Sitting too close to your playing partner in the cart for warmth is awkward at best. 

Recent, imposed limitations have made equipment advances in the sport somewhat modest, but when it comes to technical clothing, the advances have been amazing.
Forward thinking companies like Galvin Green, Footjoy, Pro Quip, Under Armour and others have extended the potential season with their unique products. “Compression Wear” for muscle warmth. Sweaters with “Windstoppers.” “Thermal” pieces. “4 way stretch” waterproof pieces. Thanks to the new “science” of layering, we golfers can now dress with full warmth and mobility.

And the perfect compliment to the new gear? The recent rebirth of wool as a final layer. Do sheep get wet? Nope! Cold? Nope! Wool is perfect atop the technical layering underneath and it has recently become a nice seller in the Golf Shop at Osprey. It’s also one of my favorites.  

As the days get shorter, the nights colder, we see fewer fair weather players and more of the diehards. Folks who are dressed for the weather. Double fisting a coffee. Waiting out the frost delay. Knowing the season is coming to a close, they take every chance to get in what could be the last round of the season.

I’ll be there with you. Wool on top with something technical underneath. Warm and ready.

See you in October. And November. And December with any luck. 
Turf Tasks
Fall Turf Tasks
by Aaron Hill, Assistant Superintendent
The 2015 summer season in Osprey Valley has flown by! We are now through the dog days of summer and the grounds crew have done an exceptional job keeping the three golf courses in great shape. The cooler fall temperatures that are approaching make it an ideal time to do some serious work on the golf course. Large but necessary tasks are at hand. We will be cutting down the fescue grasses, which helps promote healthy stands of fescue for next season, and we will be putting up new signs on Toot. But the turf department’s biggest fall task is the aerification of greens and fairways on all three courses at Osprey.

We understand only too well that for golfers, aerification is often viewed as an inconvenience as it takes the courses briefly out of play, and leaves small holes that can take a few days to heal, so we wanted to take a moment to let you know a bit more about the process, and why it is so important to keeping Hoot, Toot and Heathlands’ turf in prime condition for you! 

Aerification is a maintenance practice that involves physically punching holes into the ground and removing small cores, so that air and water can get into the soil beneath the green.

Here's a picture to better describe the process:
Aerification process
Aerification helps with maintaining terrific turf quality in many ways:
  • It helps reduce thatch levels in fairways. Thatch is a thin layer of organic matter between the turf and the soil, that can harbour insects, bind up fungicides and hold moisture.
  • It reduces compaction in the soil, helping roots grow deeper and stopping any hard pans from forming below the turf.
  • It helps water infiltrate the soil by creating channels through the soil profile.
The aerification process has already begun on our fairways. We always try to schedule aerification to cause the least amount of disturbance to golfers possible, and we only work on one or two fairways per day. The greens are done all at once, and usually take a day and a half per course. The courses will have scheduled closures at those times. To avoid disappointment, please have a peek at the complete Aerification Schedule on our website or below (after the Photo Contest article). 

Here's a shot of the cleanup process at Osprey. A giant vacuum sucks up the leftover debris from the aeration process:
Aerification TractorWe hope this helps you understand a little bit more about the our fall jobs on the golf course. Our grounds crew always strives for the highest quality playing surfaces possible, and we appreciate your patience as we work around the courses. Don't be afraid to say hello to us as you enjoy your experience at Osprey Valley.

We hope to see you back again soon!
Summer Photo Contest Winners
Our Summer Photo Contest closed at the end of August and we are pleased to announce the winners.

First Prize winners will each receive a framed print of their winning photo and a Play All Day pass for two. Second Prize winners receive a free upgrade to Play all Day with the purchase of a regular green fee.

The winner in The Hazy Days of Summer category was Shane Tunney for his beautiful photo of the double rainbow over Toot #14 on August 4th. We are as lucky as he was that he was there to capture the moment!
Hazy Days of Summer - Winner - Shane TunneyOur Second Prize winner was Mark Dixon, who truly captured the essence of Toot #11.
Hazy Days of Summer - Second Prize - Mark DixonMark is no stranger to the Photo Contest having won the Grand Prize in August 2014 and Honourable Mentions in August 2014 and Spring 2015. Well done, Sir, and we look forward to seeing more of your work!

First Prize winner in the Wildlife Category was Colen Colthurst, who is also a repeat winner having won BOTH categories almost a year ago, in October 2014. This time out we loved Colen’s photo of a Canadian Goose patrolling the green, presumably looking for ball marks to fix.
Wildlife - Winner - Colen ColthurstThe Second prize in the category goes to … Mark Dixon again! In this shot Mark immortalized an encounter with a goose who appears spectacularly nonplussed by Mark’s desire to play through on Heathlandson #18’s tee.
Wildlife - Second Prize - Mark DixonCongratulations to the winners and our most sincere thanks to everyone who entered. We look forward to seeing more from you in our ...

Fall Photo Contest

Our Fall Photo Contest is officially open!

The category is “Action Shots”

Entries will be accepted through the end of the season.
Photo Contest Rules
Aerification Tractor
Fall Aerification Schedule

Toot will be closed
from Monday, September 14th through mid-day Wednesday, September 16th.

Hoot will be closed
from Monday, September 21st through mid-day September 23rd.

Heathlands will be closed
from Monday, September 28th until mid-day September 30th.

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