Osprey Valley 2017 PGA Championship Pool


August 10th-13th

Quail Hollow Club
Charlotte, North Carolina

Justin Thomas became the fifth 1st time major winner out of the last eight majors while Marc Pietrobon took the honours in our 2017 PGA Championship Pool with a razor thin victory over runner up Jarrod Pilon.

Marc and Jarrod selected the same team of Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, Hideki Matsuyama and Rickie Fowler, so first and second place were determined by their tie-breaking predictions of the winning score. Marc’s prediction of 265 was one closer to Justin Thomas’ winning 276 than Jarrod’s 264.

With the conclusion of the final Major of the season, we will now begin calculating the 2017 Grand Prize for the best cumulative predictions of the season. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner and of the prize itself!

2017 PGA Championship Pool Champion - Marc Pietrobon

Second Place - Jarrod Pilon (e)

3 Andrew Agozzino (+6)
T4 Morgan Rubes (+7)
T4 Rose Piacentino (+7)
T6 Ira Cohen (+8)
T6 Samuel Oh (+8)
T6 Mike Baron (+8)
T6 James Sutman (+8)
T6 Keith Harding (+8)
T11 Owen Doucette (+9)
T11 Bhuv Raizada (+9)
T11 Angelo Piacentino (+9)

T14 Richard Murai (+10)
T14 Dave de la Plante (+10)
T14 John Kovac (+10)
14 Jon Choptiany (+10)
14 Daniel Buckingham (+10)
14 Kristen Gault (+10)
14 Andrew Igel (+10)
14 Pete Polischuk (+10)
14 Ranen Oomen-Danckert (+10)
14 Mike Tang (+10)

2016 Winner - Jonathan Base-Bursey
2015 Winner - Greg Richardson