Our parkland style course is a scenic beauty and a delight to play. Naturally rolling fairways and generous landing areas make it our most player friendly of our courses, but don’t be fooled - with challenging approach shots to undulating greens, the course can be as imposing as it is picturesque.

Golfers say:
"This is my absolute favourite place to golf and I tell
everybody that they shouldn't miss the experience."

Shane Chapman

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Front Nine


The teeshot on this blind par 5 should be kept close to the fairway bunker for shorter green access. Approach shots must be accurate to this raised, undulated green. Left is dead!

Toot #2


A long par 4 into the prevailing wind is the challenge of #2. Approach shots must steer clear of the greenside bunker if a par is in your future.


Toot #3



Another good par 4 with a demanding approach to an uphill well guarded green. Putting here is particularly difficult as it has severe sloping.


This shortish par 3 is guarded front left by a huge bunker. A ball in there is almost a sure bogey ... or worse.


"Let the big dog eat" on this long downwind par 4. The green slopes from right to left, so aim your approach accordingly. The back left flag is a sucker pin. Be careful.


A good risk/reward par 4. A strong driver off the tee will get close to the green for a short flip shot approach. A more conservative tee shot will leave a more demanding, albeit full, shot on to this smallish green.



The seventh Hole is a well bunkered mid-length par 3. A conservative tee shot to the middle of the green is the order of the day. Tight approach lines seem to always miss the green here.


The par 5 eighth is probably the best opportunity for a birdie on the front nine. Two well struck shots will get close to the putting surface, which is open on the left. From there a relatively easy pitch and putt awaits.




Another great par 4 finishes the front nine. A demanding approach to a well guarded green is required. Exact hole location is difficult to determine on this sever elevation change, so pay heed to the flag system.


Toot #9


Back Nine


The task at hand is easy to see as you stand on this elevated par four tee. Miss the water at greenside with your approach shot. A cautious two putt is your reward for finding the green.

Toot #11


A great target par 3 with no bailout except short left. The fun really starts when you reach the putting surface as this green offers some of the most severe hole locations on the golf course.

"The 10-11-12 combo on the Toot are a triple threat to become one of the GTA's favourite threesome. The 150-yard, par-three 11th, with a small lake protecting the hole at the front and a pine forest shadowing a very narrow green from the back, is enough to make a grown man cry - with tears of joy."  Mark Atchison, Toronto Star


A soft right-to-left flight off the fairway bunker will set up a mid to short iron approach to the elevated surface. Any approach hit past a front hole location will result in a speedy putt back.


Thirteen is the longest par 5 on the course and perhaps the widest driving area available. The layup area is much narrower and slopes severely from left to right. A birdie is not impossible, but is improbably as the green site and putting surface are deceiving.




A downhill mid-iron is required to this long, well-guarded par three. Any ball bunkered will be a tough three, but easy four.

Toot #14


The epitome of parkland. Aiming bunkers through the fairway and the maples on the near side of the dogleg frame the tee shot. The approach is difficult to gauge as the green is higher than the fairway.

Toot #16


This long par 4 has a deceiving tee shot. It looks like you should favour right, but left is the safest and best route. The back left flag is a sucker pin as out of bounds lurks just behind the green.


A left-to-right tee ball around the first fairway bunker is perfect here. The green setting is the most dangerous on the property as left is dead. Par is a great score.


The tee shot allows you to take on as much as you please. An aggressive line may give you a  shot at this green in two. Layups should be well back of a hidden pond short of the green. When putting, "what you see is what you get."

Toot #18